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ALIN Solutions Fellow

“A truly interdisciplinary fellowship that will focus on innovative solutions to Nepal’s (or global) complex problems. Over a 4 month-period, a team of bright individuals from different academic interests/ backgrounds will come up with an innovative solution to a critical issue of national (Nepal) or global concern.”

About Us

ALIN is a social impact company that works in various sectors to address the unjust walls of power and privilege in Nepal and beyond. We do this through:

  • research and policy work in health and education sectors; and,
  • leadership training and workshop in organizational spaces

It was founded to bring the program and community benefits to more participants, primarily but not limited to, those in the South Asian region.

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BPEF (Nepal)

FAIRMED (Switzerland)

HLE (Australia)

Orbitsys (India)

King's College (Nepal)


University of Florida


Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN, Nepal)

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University of Marryland (USA)

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